Dec 2014

Mark Grazman

I am typically a man of too many words, so let my brevity speak volumes. Chris Foltz makes my business better and my mission stronger. Many people can produce websites, make posters, etc…but I’ve never met anyone else who can so quickly lock in to the vision and brand of our company and help us better understand who we are, how to put our mission at the center of our business, and who we should meet. He’s two parts brand strategist, one part match-maker, one part implementation arm, and perhaps the most important, he’s all heart. It’s that incredible heart that eclipses all of the other stuff because as a mission-based business we are usually speaking a foreign language to others when we talk about our passion, our commitment to making the world a better place, and how we plan on integrating our commercial footprint with our bigger picture vision for the world. When we first met Chris we were committed to our mission but didn’t think we could put it at the center of our brand. Now we are comfortable shouting from the rooftops that we want to change the world – and our chances are much bigger having Chris and his team on our side. Thank you Chris for sharing your heart with us, I’m know you could be working for bigger companies with bigger budgets but you choose to work with those of us that share your values and that’s priceless.