Dec 2014

Stephanie Hardy

Coming into Christopher Foltz class once a week was what I looked forward to the most coming downtown to class. With his inspiring stories, engaging lectures and his passion for the arts and business, he made students eager to be involved in class.

Not only did he teach core lessons and what was appropriate for the class style. He actually got to know each and every student. With sincere interest he discussed what each persons goals were and where they saw themselves going after Columbia. He also talked about how they could achieve those goals and what he could do to personally help them.

His class gave each and every student purpose and direction. Those who didn’t know what they wanted to do after Columbia came out of that class with a clearer understanding of who they were and what they wanted to achieve on a bigger scale.

He truly has the most dedication to his students that I have ever seen from any teacher at Columbia College Chicago. With this being said I would recommend Christopher Foltz for any teaching, leadership, or mentor position.