The Social Policy Institute (SPI) is an aggregator of individuals, businesses and ideas focused on establishing sustainable policy initiatives locally, nationally and internationally with the primary objective of moving humanity forward and the development of accessible opportunities for all.


The Social Policy Institute is dedicated to affecting worldwide improvement, beginning domestically. At SPI we help and guide leaders to advance the world by serving as a catalyst to the way these leaders think.


At SPI we believe the word “policy” refers to any measure or means applied to a social-problem that sets new precedent or establishes the best method for achieving the set-forth mission and vision of an organization, non-profit, social enterprise or individual. These policies can be created anywhere, whether it be a street corner or a boardroom and SPI will use every means possible to create effective policy.

In this, SPI focuses on eight original primary pillars of social-awareness – Education, Housing, Employment, Healthcare, Public Safety, Veterans, Social Enterprise and Environment – working with fellows who are experts and leaders in their respective fields as advisors to and for the mission of creating policy.

SPI achieves success for its efforts through various means of social-engagement, by:

  • changing the economic landscape from competitive capitalism to collaborative enterprise;
  • helping our benefactors find the why of their organization;
  • helping establish the policy for your organization, program or initiative;
  • crafting initiatives and developing programs for growth;
  • soliciting opportunities for additional exposure and reach;
  • providing fellows who are world-leaders in their respective fields;
  • garnering and engaging new relationships for added-value; and
  • offering an all-encompassing plan of action for “solving” social-issues and establishing sustainable models for continued growth and success.

About Christopher Foltz:

Chris’ passion lies in his ability to help people realize their goals, and develop the necessary means for reaching them. Chris’ life experience culminates in his incredible leadership, coaching, advising, analyzing and business acumen. Chris’ goal is to give a voice to the voiceless, help inspire the next generation of leaders to think outside of society’s status-quo, and to push the limits to new depths for the sake of humanity.