There are very few who can match Chris's energy and enthusiasm when it comes to having him on your team. Creative beyond compare, he understands the dots of your business and sees how best to connect them. More importantly, what started out as a buyer-vendor relationship quickly grew to and has remained as a genuine friendship despite the project I hired Chris to manage has long been completed. That says a lot about Chris, and even without him presently being a service provider to my firm he continues to work for me on its behalf, a remarkable and rare quality in today's world.
Mike Muhney
Chris Foltz taught my Business & Entrepreneurship graduate class at Columbia and it is with great privilege that I write this recommendation. Having attended Columbia for both my undergrad and graduate degrees, I write without hesitation that Chris was by far my most passionate and inspirational teacher. Chris Foltz has a strong drive to not only educate his students, but to help them achieve outside the classroom. He welcomed me to learn from him at his business and helped me develop relationships that have shaped my career today. If you know Chris, then you have most likely heard him say to, "Make things better; not for the money, not for the glory, but simply because you can." One experience I will never forget is working outside of the classroom with Chris on his anti-bullying campaign. That's when I truly saw what giving back is all about, and I was honored to be apart of it. Chris has made a huge impact on my life and his class has truly been the most beneficial of my collegiate career.
Meredith Bahuriak
I am typically a man of too many words, so let my brevity speak volumes. Chris Foltz makes my business better and my mission stronger. Many people can produce websites, make posters, etc...but I've never met anyone else who can so quickly lock in to the vision and brand of our company and help us better understand who we are, how to put our mission at the center of our business, and who we should meet. He's two parts brand strategist, one part match-maker, one part implementation arm, and perhaps the most important, he's all heart. It's that incredible heart that eclipses all of the other stuff because as a mission-based business we are usually speaking a foreign language to others when we talk about our passion, our commitment to making the world a better place, and how we plan on integrating our commercial footprint with our bigger picture vision for the world. When we first met Chris we were committed to our mission but didn't think we could put it at the center of our brand. Now we are comfortable shouting from the rooftops that we want to change the world - and our chances are much bigger having Chris and his team on our side. Thank you Chris for sharing your heart with us, I'm know you could be working for bigger companies with bigger budgets but you choose to work with those of us that share your values and that's priceless.
Mark Grazman
Coming into Christopher Foltz class once a week was what I looked forward to the most coming downtown to class. With his inspiring stories, engaging lectures and his passion for the arts and business, he made students eager to be involved in class. Not only did he teach core lessons and what was appropriate for the class style. He actually got to know each and every student. With sincere interest he discussed what each persons goals were and where they saw themselves going after Columbia. He also talked about how they could achieve those goals and what he could do to personally help them. His class gave each and every student purpose and direction. Those who didn't know what they wanted to do after Columbia came out of that class with a clearer understanding of who they were and what they wanted to achieve on a bigger scale. He truly has the most dedication to his students that I have ever seen from any teacher at Columbia College Chicago. With this being said I would recommend Christopher Foltz for any teaching, leadership, or mentor position.
Stephanie Hardy
In my entire career as a lawyer and as the Alderman representing Chicago's downtown Second Ward I have never met someone with industry insight like Chris Foltz. Chris Foltz's dedication to the local and global community is present in their teams strategy on a daily basis.
Alderman Bob Fioretti
Chris was amazing to work with, because along with his considerable technical expertise he brings an inexhaustible passion to whatever task is at hand. He helped us build a website from scratch, ahead of our very rushed timeline, while adding several outside-the-box features we hadn't even thought of. He continues to offer us invaluable advice about strategic partnerships, communications, and branding. I don't know anyone with the same amount of energy, creativity, and determination to work on behalf of needy communities in Chicago
Alice Geglio
Chris Foltz made the most of every moment he went with his students. He brought his experience, both successes and failures, into the classroom as an opportunity to relate the class to the real world. In doing so, he challenged his students to build on what he had to offer. Chris is one of the rare professors that seemed to understand the responsibility of the influence he held as a professor. He held to that responsibility, regardless of the environment around him. He is a rare breed of teacher. One that will never feel quite at home in a classroom, yet is exactly what so many classrooms desperately need.
J. David Combs
When I moved back to Chicago and started networking, I kept hearing the name Christopher Foltz Collaborative. I finally felt compelled to see what Chris' company could do to rejuvenate my brand. Within the first 5 minutes of our conversation I knew we would be doing business together. Chris Foltz has his hand on the pulse of branding, marketing, media, politics and anyone and everyone who would be an asset to my business. What started as a one-time service provider has now turned into a permanent business and personal relationship!
Lisa Lockwood
Working with Chris Foltz is an experience I will never forget. He strives everyday to improve the world around us and his dedication to the many causes he is involved in is unparalleled. When Chris succeeds the effects are felt by many, and when things don't work out he turns it into a discovery process that leads to greater good.
Adrian Dalton, MBA
Chris Foltz is an Innovative, Passionate, Community Leader - who knows how to get the job done. He genuinely cares about humankind and will go out of his way to ensure the next generations of young people have a real chance at succeeding in life. Chris AND his team are kind, caring people who find the good in everyone they meet. I highly recommend partnering with Chris and the Social Policy Institute professionals. They are nice people to do business with.
Toni L. Carter
I was fortunate enough to work with Chris as part of the Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise. Quite simply, he is a hard-working, diligent individual who brings passion and enthusiasm to fostering the creation of social enterprises throughout the state of Illinois. As a current business partner, Chris brings a strong no-nonsense approach to encouraging businesses and social enterprises to make a positive impact. Admittedly, he has a unique personal style, but that only adds to his commitment to bringing about positive change. He is a strong collaborator who has shared his talent and insight numerous times in the past. I strongly suggest connecting with him and learning more about his work.
Gordon Dymowski
Chris taught me at Columbia College Chicago as my Entrepreneurship professor, and he completely changed my way of thinking about business and myself as a leader + entrepreneur. His way of teaching is unconventional, but in the best way possible. He cut around the structure and "fluff" most colleges require you be taught, and dug in to teach us the REAL way of being an entrepreneur and applied everything to real life situations and shared his personal experiences. Overall, Chris has been one of the most genuine professors I've ever had, and I'd highly recommend anyone taking any kind of class or teaching they can get from him.
Anjel Lopez
It is without question that you are making a lasting impact not only on the city of Chicago but you are someone we can all look up to for a multitude of reasons. You give back to the community, you are philanthropic, and you are a great teacher. But most all you are a revolutionary entrepreneur. I wish you all the best with your future endeavors and projects and always strive to make a difference one person at time one day at a time
A. Spencer Golman

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