We all hear the stories, and we all know his shortcomings... but what is it that makes Christopher Foltz tick? Meet the person through the eyes of people that work directly with him everyday. Blu Pearl Consulting's Joel Freimuth shares his notions on Chris Foltz as an Entrepreneur. Is Chris Foltz a corporate misfit? FInd out for yourself at ChristopherFoltz.com

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This is a clip from the background segment on Blue Pearl Consulting for The Foltz Effect documentary series. Blue Pearl Consulting is the real deal… they get it… and literally make the world a better place – and nobody even knows who they are or what they do. I love it when things work out in the world… and I want to make sure that people know about brands like

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Chris Foltz on the things we do and the impact we make and dont realize. Often times we spend so much time focusing on the things we are all doing…. and not realizing all of the things we make happen. I love for team for making things happen for people that deserve it.

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Chris Foltz gives his two cents on advertising your downfalls and shortcomings. America is mesmerized with reality TV – Downfalls and shortcomings are “real” – and Chris Foltz isn’t afraid of touching on real issues we all face – through his own life challenges, failures, and victories.

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There are plenty of awesome things I get to do in life…. but NOTHING compares to the work I get to do with children facing pediatric cancer. What most people do not know, is that less than 5% of all cancer treatment/research money goes to pediatric cancer. There has not even been a clinical trial for pediatric cancer meds for years.

  I think it is cool. Thank you to all the people who helped with the making of me. I truly owe you…and I will never forget.

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Social Enterprise Strategist Chris Foltz gives his two cents on how money does not always equate to success – and vice versa. He talks about the negative bank account balances he has had – and touches on his philosophy for deserving success.

Exciting times – Getting ready for fall semester at Columbia. This will be my first semester teacher graduate students. The experience will be mutually epic. Changing the way the world thinks… with tomorrows leaders today.

http://sportsdoctorradio.com/2013/feb21.mp3 Guest: Chris Foltz, social media & PR expert discusses his interests in NFL retired players, childhood obesity, & the need for athletic trainers in financially challenged schools


Aug 2013

Office NERF Wars

Sometimes it gets a little scary over here. Courtesy of our friends at NERF